NARDI Fundulea is an independently functioning institution (legal entity) coordinated by the Academy of Agricultural and Forestry Sciences – main coordinator of Romanian agricultural research.
The institute experimental network presently consists of, 14 research units (agricultural stations), located under different pedoclimatic conditions of Romania. Some research is also contracted with stations belonging to other Institutes.


The institute is under the management of an executive board of 15 members while the research activity is under the management of a scientific board of 19 members. The activity is carried out as part of two departments: research and development and some specialized compartments: accountancy, marketing, supply and administration.
The institute has its own meteorological station and other facilities useful for the research - development activity.
The number of employees is of 680 of which 102 with high education degree.


• Laboratory of self-pollinated crop breeding consists of 8 teams (wheat breeding, wheat and barley cytogenetics, analysis of wheat bread making quality, barley breeding, rice breeding, grain legumes breeding, analysis of grain legumes quality, linseed breeding).
• Laboratory of maize and sorghum breeding.
• Laboratory of sunflower breeding – 1 team (sunflower breeding and seed multiplication).
• Laboratory of forage crops breeding and technology – 2 teams (forage crops breeding and seed multiplication, forage crops technology).
• Laboratory of seed multiplication – 2 teams (small grains, maize, sorghum, leguminous for grains and linseed seed multiplication; seed biology, control and pathology).
• Laboratory of basic research – 3 teams (biotechnology, molecular genetics, physiology).

• Laboratory of irrigated crops – team for crop management and irrigation.
• Laboratory of non-irrigated crops – 2 teams (sustainable farming systems, crop fertilization).
• Laboratory of plant protection – team for pests and diseases control and biology.
• Team for integrated weed control.
• Team for soil biology and chemistry.
• Team for ecological farming.

Scientific secretariat and publications.
Computing office.
Extension and consulting.
Farm of research department.


Consists of:
• Production farms (Irrigated crops, Progresu I, Progresu II, Tipei, Ileana, Chirnogi, livestock farm).
• Seed processing sector.
• Mechanization sector-(research-development services; mechanical sector).
• Marketing and supply-selling-transport service-(marketing office; supply-development transport office).

• Energy sector.
• Hydro-meteo sector.
• Administrative sector.

• Financial service, accountancy.
• Internal financial control.
• Legal counsellor.
• Human resources and salaries office.
• Environment and labour protection office.